Ten years ago, my friend Rosi drove me out on the Otago Peninsula to show me endangered Jewelled Geckos in the wild. I couldn't believe that these exquisite little guys lived around the corner - and were threatened with local extinction due to poachers. A week later I had borrowed gear to make a documentary, so I definitely have them thank for introducing me to cameras (the geckos are doing alright these days, with security cameras watching over their habitats to protect them).

My love for photography is equal to my passion for working with wildlife and I try to unite the two whenever I can. After finishing studies in Zoology and Science Communication in 2010, with forays into public policy and politics, I'm now using my degrees, which is choice. I am also incredibly lucky to be working in both fields alongside my partner Dave.

Video and photo assignments over the last few years have covered illegal hunting in Malta, wetland protection in Romania, dairy farm conversions in Waikato, repatriation of Māori tupuna (ancestors) to Aotearoa New Zealand, and of course, weddings!

During 2018-2019 I will mostly be working as an ecologist based in Waikato, Auckland, Bay of Plenty and King Country. If you'd like to discuss an upcoming big occasion or project, based anywhere, I'd love to hear from you.